Happy at Home

Happy at Home

It's a simple fact that cats are safer indoors.  Indoor kitties typically live longer by avoiding dangers such as dogs, cars, and other cats.  Indoor kitties may be protected from diseases transmitted by bite wounds, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites.  But - there is always a catch!  Indoor cats may be safer but they are at increased risk for obesity, lower urinary tract disease, diabetes, arthritis and BOREDOM!  When we make the decision to keep our cats indoors it becomes our obligation to provide for their core environmental needs and environmental enrichment.  To do that we must begin to think like a cat!

A great place to start is The Indoor Pet Initiative developed by The Ohio State University.  Start here for answers to basic questions about your indoor cat's lifestyle.

We are advocates for allowing your cat supervised access to the outdoors.  We can not replicate fresh air, birds chirping, squirrels playing, sun shining and all the wonderful things your cat can experience by just stepping outside.  We recommend outdoor enclosures that allow your curious cat to move freely from indoors to out when they choose.  Don't be intimidated by the idea of an enclosure, a simple version incorporating one window of your home can easily be a weekend DIY project.

Perching is a requirement!  Cats need to perch and should have access to safe, accessible perches at a height they prefer.  Some creative cats use cabinets, refrigerators, furniture or countertops but isn't always socially acceptable.  We love these wonderful spiral cat trees.  They have a small footprint, hold up to regular use and are easy to clean. 

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