Feeding & Nutrition for Your Cat

Feeding your cat doesn't have to be challenging and can actually be very rewarding!  Many cat owners struggle to find a diet that fits both their cat's needs and their budget.  Recommendations are everywhere and may seem to contradict each other.  Recommendations have changed so pet owners must be willing to reconsider, rethink and reset their expectations about what their cats need at feeding time.  Feeding your cat shouldn't be difficult but first we must remember to think like a cat!

This is a favorite handout that addresses so much basic information about why we recommend canned vs. dry diets.  It helps us begin to understand that cats are designed to eat food that is high protein, very low carbohydrate and mostly water.  High quality canned cat food can mimic that ideal combination and pays dividends over the lifetime of your cat.  Appropriate carbohydrate levels and adequate water intake work to keep your cat an an ideal body weight and maintain urinary tract health.  

Don't forget how your cat would acquire food in the wild.  They would stalk, track, hunt and pounce over and over again.  Sometimes they would be successful and be rewarded with a 30 calorie meal that is high protein, very low carbohydrate and mostly water (sound familiar?).  Consider that they would also be actively expending calories, stretching and working their muscles and using their amazing, complex brains to acquire that meal.  How does this compare to how you are currently feeding your cat?

So the ideal situation blends feeding the appropriate diet to a particular cat in a way that their brain understands.  Small logistical tweaks can translate to significant improvements in your cat's physical and mental health, don't change everything at once. Keep an open mind and follow your cat's lead.

Multi cat households can be challenging!  Don't get caught up in playing fair, different cats have different needs.  Taking a group of cats and assuming that they can all thrive on the same quantity of the same type of food is unrealistic.  Giving yourself permission to feed each of your cats as an individual is an important first step.

Remember that only "affiliate" cats really enjoy eating out of the same bowl.  Affiliate cats are those that will sleep touching each other or regularly groom each other.  If your cat's aren't affiliates they would probably appreciate individual dishes, even if they seem to be currently tolerating each other.

Feeding can be an opportunity to bond with your cat!  Every cat needs to eat and we can capitalize on these chances for training, mental enrichment and social stimulation.

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