All About Kittens

Kittens are wonderful!  They are curious, athletic, daring and fearless bundles of energy.  They can provide hours of entertainment and an abundance of joy.  Kitten behavior highlights why we love cats and should challenge us all to provide an environment that encourages, stimulates and nurtures that behavior.  Working together we can keep our cats acting like kittens long after they outgrow their tiny mews and baby blue eyes. 

We can tailor your visits to address the topics most relevant to you and your kitten.  We will make basic recommendations for pediatric wellness care and preventing infectious disease while helping you address the questions, concerns or challenges associated with kitten health and behavior.

Bring your questions about preventive care, nutrition, training and environmental enrichment.  Start learning about training your cat to accept the carrier and the proper way to transport your kitten safely.  Bring any documentation you have about medical care that has already been provided by the breeder, shelter or previous owner.  Feel free to bring along a blanket, toy or treat that may comfort your kitten during their first exam.

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